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How can I support my child at home so that they can do well?

“How Can I support my child at home so that they can do well?” This question is asked every day, to all teachers, in all subjects and surprisingly for some parents the answer is relatively simple; you need to spend time with your children. Sadly, in a world surrounded by marketed products to look younger,… Continue reading How can I support my child at home so that they can do well?

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How to help your anxious child begin the new school year.

This week children across the UK will be going back to school after a lengthy summer holiday. While many children will be naturally excited at this time; seeing their friends again or eager to make new ones, some children may seem a bit daunted by the prospect of a whole new year, new teachers and new learning. As parents and teachers it’s important that at this busy time of year we make a point to discuss how our children are feeling and put into place calm spaces for mindful thinking.

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How to Combat Mental Health Issues in Primary Aged Children.

When imagining a child, one is met with images of someone free from worry, someone who can enjoy the simple pleasures of life; enthralled by the magic of a puddle, fascinated by myths and legends in their story books. However, ten percent of children and young people aged 5- 16 have a clinically diagnosed mental health issue.


Does tutoring help?

In a word: yes. Tutoring can help a great deal. But only if children receive 1:1 access to carefully thought out, specific instruction, based on their needs as individuals. So where as a parent should you begin? The first step is to figure out where the ''problem'' lies, why does your child need tutoring? It… Continue reading Does tutoring help?