A-lined tutors have a policy of ‘children first’ learning. We believe that tutoring can only be successful if it is done to best meet the needs of the child as an individual, taking into consideration their goals and aims, alongside those of the parent.

In your initial consultation your, and your child’s needs, will be discussed in-depth and an informal assessment will be done to garner a base level. Once levels have been taken and goals set, we will outline a learning journey which sets out clearly how the discussed goals can be achieved through a measured series of targeted lessons.

Tutoring should always have an end point, this drives focus and determination and improves the chances of reaching goals in a timely manner.

A-lined tutors have 3 packages to choose from:

-Home tutoring

-On site tutoring (at the discretion of your child’s school)

-Office based in Upper Norwood (SE25)

Within these sessions we cover a range of subjects namely:

  • English: Reading, Writing, Comprehension and Spelling.
  • Maths: We follow the National Calculation Policy to ensure your child is learning at the correct level or above.
  • 11+ Exam Prep for Grammar School Entrance
  • ISEB Pre Test Preparation
  • SATs revision
  • Exam technique

During the school Summer holidays, we have Maths, Writing and 11+ Boot Camp Workshops. Details of which will be uploaded in June 2020.

If you would like to book an initial consultation and or our rates please email

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