Creative Writing

At A-lined Tutors, we are lucky to have a close relationship with published author, Harriet Clay. She has published over 5 books in the last 3 years and works with schools in the South East London area offering creative writing workshops. In the summer holidays, she will be running our Creative Writing Boot Camp (dates TBC) where children will be exposed to a wide range of writing styles and create their own unique stories to take away.

The 4-hour session will be broken into 4 parts.

-Discovering genre: What type of story do you want to tell?

-Story planning: How to craft a good story.

-Writing your story: A guided approach.

-Digital art: illustrating and marketing your work.

Each session costs £100 pounds and lasts for 4 hours. It is not recommended to attend all 3 days on offer, although children who wish to write or learn about more than one genre are more than welcome to attend more sessions. You can book a place on the Summer Boot Camp by emailing or filling out our online form


To learn more about Mrs Clay you can visit her Author page by following the link below.

Buy her books here