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Is there a wrong way to teach your child Maths?

As parent’s we are constantly questioning whether or not we are doing right by our children. Have I taught them the right way? Is there a wrong way to teach them? Every year schools are flooded with emails from panicked mums and dads over the different methods being taught to children that they were never exposed to when they were at school. The main culprit behind these emails, Maths.

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All I want for Christmas is, you…

Year after year I have parents asking me what presents would be sensible for their children at Christmas, and every year they seem surprised when I say the best present you can give them is YOU. Research commissioned by Highland Spring found that working parents spend on average just 34 minutes a day with their… Continue reading All I want for Christmas is, you…

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How to help your anxious child begin the new school year.

This week children across the UK will be going back to school after a lengthy summer holiday. While many children will be naturally excited at this time; seeing their friends again or eager to make new ones, some children may seem a bit daunted by the prospect of a whole new year, new teachers and new learning. As parents and teachers it’s important that at this busy time of year we make a point to discuss how our children are feeling and put into place calm spaces for mindful thinking.