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Why the 1% cap is damaging schools

Teresa May has made it clear that she is not budging on the public sector pay cap, and while I agree it would be unfair to raise wages for teachers and not those in other public areas of service such as the NHS and policing, the effects of this bull-headed decision will be long lasting.… Continue reading Why the 1% cap is damaging schools

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How to achieve your goals.

There are thousands of self-help books out there all purporting to know the secret key to success and how to achieve one’s goals. Here you can read it for free. The key to achieving your goals is, to set them into clearly manageable steps and to stop seeing obstacles but rather embrace opportunities! Time after… Continue reading How to achieve your goals.

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Why our schools are failing our children

The word ‘school’ has, in the last ten years, become synonymous with: exams, stress, politics and an overarching theme of failure. And who is being failed? Our children… When looking for the answer, the knee-jerk- reaction is to point at those first in the firing line, the teachers. “But how can teachers successfully educate children… Continue reading Why our schools are failing our children

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Teaching Creativity in the Modern World.

Too often these days teachers hear the words, “I’m bored”. In a world full of instant gratification, fast food and next day delivery children have lost the innate skill of being creative, as everything now is done for them. Creativity is defined as; “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness” and… Continue reading Teaching Creativity in the Modern World.


Keeping the Kids Busy over the Summer

Six weeks with the children is a daunting prospect for any parent. To plan an itinerary, juggle work, find a sitter, keep everyone happy, and stay sane, is a challenge! So to help parents this Summer, A-lined Tutors has created educational enrichment tours which run every Thursday from the 3rd-17th August 2017. The enrichment tours… Continue reading Keeping the Kids Busy over the Summer